Выставка Fakuma 2018: Предварительный обзор товаров и материалов
16-10-2018 ООО "Инлайн" 267

Fakuma 2018 – 26-я международная выставка по производству и обработке пластмасс – пройдёт в Германии, Фридрихсхафене.

Рост специализации товаров и услуг отражается на новых материалах со свойствами, максимально приближенными к конкретным применениям, адаптированным к последующему производству продукта вплоть до мельчайших деталей. Таким образом, продолжается развитие в сторону индивидуальных характеристик для добавок и соединений. Итоговой целью является максимальное количество функций в одном соединении. В то же время для экономного и, следовательно, ресурсосберегающего производства, всё ещё должна быть доступна простая обработка. Тем не менее, тенденция в области устойчивого энергоэффективного развития по-прежнему отчетливо проявляется в увеличении предложений биопластов на рынке. Можно поспорить, что именно здесь и заключается самый большой инновационный потенциал.

Полиформальдегид с низким уровнем выбросов формальдегида для автомобильного салона. BARLOG plastics GmbH.

Due to the increasing shortfall in the supply of PA66, Akro-Plastic GmbH, Niederzissen, Germany, has developed a PA6 with the trade name Akromid B+ in view of PA66 substitution. Reinforced with 50 % glass fiber, this compound – conditioned and at 80 °C – reaches the same strengths as conditioned PA66-GF50 according to the manufacturer. The stiffness of this conditioned material is said to be nearly at the level of PA66, with pricing in the range between PA66 and PA6. A polyamide compound with the designation Akromid PST has been developed in cooperation with Plasmatreat GmbH, Steinhagen, Germany. It is particularly well suited for plastic-metal hybrids. Tensile/shear strengths considerably above 50 MPa can be achieved in combination with stainless steel. Hall B2, booth 2209Замена дефицитному полиамиду 66 (ПА66). Akro-Plastic GmbH.

A high dimensional stability under heat and biodegradability are promised by a new compound based on polylactic acid (PLA) from FKuR Kunststoff GmbH, Willich, Germany, with the type designation Bio-Flex S7514. It was developed especially for injection molding applications. Thanks to very good flowability, the compound can also be used in multi-cavity molds and makes complete mold filling possible, even in case of long flow paths. The compound itself is 75 % bio-based. With the combination of high dimensional stability under heat and high flowability, it is predestined for use in products like those in Figure 3. The desired color can also be obtained using a masterbatch. Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) under the trade name Terraprene are 40 % to 90 % biobased. In addition to mechanical properties equivalent to those of fossil-based TPE, they can be processed using conventional injection molding, 2-component injection molding, and extrusion processes. A polypropylene with a bio-based carbon content of about 35 %, available under the trade name Terralene, can also be processed using these methods. It can be used as a drop-in thanks to the properties and processability corresponding  to conventional PP. Hall B2, booth 2208Биопластик Bio-Flex S7514. FKuR Kunststoff GmbH.

Mastersafe Symic is a dust-free pigment preparation in pellet form from Eckart GmbH, Hartenstein, Germany. Selling points of the dedusted pearlescent pigments include straightforward dosing and easy handling. The pellets permit the dust-free production of color masterbatches and are suitable for various processing methods. These include injection molding, extrusion and extrusion blow molding, blown film extrusion, and flat sheet film extrusion. Fields of application not only cover automobile components, household articles, and electric appliances, but also packaging for cosmetics and foodstuffs since the pellets are approved for food contact. Hall B2, booth 2208Перламутровые пигменты Mastersafe Symic. ECKART GmbH.

The new Thermolast K FG/SF product range from Kraiburg TPE GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkraiburg, Germany, aimed especially at the vehicle interior (Fig. 6) with strict requirements for surface characteristics, is versatile in application. All common automobile manufacturer standards regarding emissions, odor, and UV resistance are met. An extremely broad range of possible applications is therefore covered by compounds of the TPE family in the hardness range of 50 to 80 shore A, from floor mats and anti-skid mats to decorative surfaces to functional components. Color matching is possible in addition to the standard colors black and natural. The compounds are also highly abrasion-resistant and adhere reliably to polypropylene. Very good adhesion to polyamide is exhibited by compounds of the Thermolast K FC/AD/PA series, available in a hardness range from 40 to 80 shore A. They are FDA-compliant and therefore suitable for applications with food or oral contact. Straightforward processing and ease of coloring support a high degree of individuality. Hall B5, booth 5303Широкий спектр применения для термопластичных эластомеров в автомобильном салоне. Kraiburg TPE.

 The NPC Nature Plastic compounds from CKT GmbH and Ökoplast GmbH, both: Mittweida, Germany, are suitable for various fields of application. Materials offered in this line are made of synthetic, bio-based, and/or biodegradable polymers filled with non-food raw materials from local agriculture such as rye bran or oat husks. Polyolefins, preferably polypropylene, are the main matrix materials. The compounds filled with natural substances exhibit a natural or near-natural look and feel. They are currently being used to make extrusion and injection molding parts for construction, gardening, household, and office applications. Hall A5, booth 5228Наполненный биопластик, который может быть обработан путём использования традиционного литьевого формования. CKT GmbH и Ökoplast GmbH.

The modern polymer processing industry would be unthinkable without peroxides as highly reactive chemicals. Mixing them with recycled polyethylene reduces the melt flow index to obtain the desired low-viscosity flow characteristics for film extrusion, blow molding, and extrusion blow molding. This applies correspondingly for polypropylene and ethylenevinyl acetate copolymers. Peroxides and the common peroxide concentrates usually come in the form of powders or liquids, so that storage and dosing in particular are highly critical. What’s more, peroxides in this form are highly reactive, so they volatilize quickly and form inflammable organic compounds. Polyvel Europe GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, has developed peroxide masterbatches, some of which are also approved for food packaging applications. Here the peroxide itself is entirely surrounded by a polymer carrier material, protecting it against external influences and making it fully storable with no special requirements. Precise and constant dosing during processing is also made possible by the granulate form. Properties such as the melt flow index are precisely controlled to obtain the desired flowability regardless of the base material. Hall B4, booth 4502Расширение области применения полиолефинов. POLYVEL Europe GmbH.

Тенденция в пользу многофункциональных, специфических для конкретного применения материалов продолжается и отражается, в частности, на разнообразии соединений, представленных на рынке, которые соответствуют требованиям клиентов. Энергоэффективный выбор материалов приобретает все большее значение.